Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Glamour Doll Eyes Collection

This is my complete Glamour Doll Eyes collection. Apologies that some of these are dirty or worn that is because I do use them and keep some on my bathroom vanity. Most of these are from the OTM (of the month) subscription. I don't have the subscription this year because I think you needed to have Facebook which I don't have :(

My First Time Blush is a light lavender with gold shimmer.

Day Job blushis a soft mauve, leaning more towards pink 

with a subtle sheen.

Polish My Halo blushis a sheer light brown bronzed color 

with gold shimmers, great as a highlighter.

Purr-suasion - Blush  "A matte brown based mauve with a slight green sheen."

Insomnia: eye shadow 

bronzish brown with a coppery orange overlay 

and a very subtle purple to blue sparkle

 Be My Anchor - eye shadow A sheer flash of sparkling blue like water with a dusty golden base

Surrogate: eye shadow

light purple with a slight blue shift and a gold to green sparkle

Prime Suspect - eye shadow A hot pink with a purple blue sheen

Bandit - eye shadow A wash of green and golden sheen with a subtle brown undertone, finished off with a canary sparkle.

No Regerts - eye shadow A deep purple with a blue green duochrome and small spurts of pink purple sparkle.

Under the Moon - eye shadow Matte black base with a purple sheen and goldish green sparkle

It's a Mess - eye shadow Sandy metallic beige with a spectacular amounts of blue and red sparkles

Vanilla Unicorn eye shadow is an opaque velvety white with a 

strong blue and purple sparkle. In some lights you can see a nice 

pink sheen

I Can't Believe I Gave My Panties to a Geek eye shadow is a  

golden yellow with a strong red shift and sparkle. 

Not To Be Truffled Witheye shadow  - Silky semi matte chocolate base with a layer of crimson sheen and raspberry sparkle

Never Be Royals - eye shadow Light blue with a sheer orange overlay/duochrome

Bat Queen eye shadow - Matte orange base with a copper sheen and an intense red and copper shimmer.

Ezria eye shadow - Navy blue base with a slight emerald sheen and a plethora of rose sparkles

Hidden Insanity eye shadow - A firey red with an orange gold sparkle sheen and a subtle blue and purple sparkle

Artificial Knight eye shadow - A medium to dark blue base with a red to orange shift and a blue & silver sparkle.

But I Love Carbs eye shadow

- A medium gray with a metallic silver overlay finished off with a 

red & blue sparkle.

Mausoleum eye shadow - Medium gray with a red and orange duochrome & purple and blue sparkle

Overrated Remix eye shadow  - A pinky purple with a strong green and copper shimmer

Cement Heart eye shadow - Dark gray base with a green and purple light sheen and multi colored sparkle

Refuse Thy Name eye shadow - A soft pink with a silvery blue sheen and blue & gold sparkle.

Paroxysm eye shadow - A deep gray with a pink to copper duochrome and a silver sparkle

Sailing Away- Much like the deep blue sea, this cream shadow color is very deceiving. In the jar it looks coral reef blue, but once applied it becomes much more complex. We have a deep royal blue base with a soft coral reef blue overlay. It is finished off with an anchor golden shimmer sheen.

Hollywood Affair blush is a darken rose/mauve with golden pink 


Tiny Unicorns highlight - A sheer pale pink gold.

Ancient Grudge highlighter

 is a dark maroon/pink base with a glow of golden pink sparkle

Dirty Cop glitter tube

Bernie Shimmer Me - "A purple glitter and sheen."

Shimmer Mes are gel glitters that you can use in a variety of ways 

to enhance your eye looks. This one is named 

after Bernadette from Big Bang Theory, and has a slight pinky 

purple sheen. They can be used as a base for your eyeshadow, as a 

brow highlight, over the top of your eyeshadow, or even as a cheek 

highlight. You only need a tiny bit!

It's quite a collection but I love them all. Some of the blues and purples are my favorites though.


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