Friday, April 24, 2015

Important Starbox Update

As our two, new and improved Subscription Boxes (ClassicCustom Starbox) get closer to their launch date, it is important to Starlooks that we keep our customers "in-the-know" throughout the process! So, here are some important updates regarding these highly anticipated subs:

• Custom Starbox will be launching on May 11th, as promised. At that time, you will be prompted - both by email, and upon account login - to "subscribe" (for new-comers) or "make the switch" (for current subscribers). As soon as you've done that, you can "make your picks" for your first Custom Starbox...
**Update: Originally we planned to offer 2 (out of 4) Starlooks item choices and 3 (out of 6-9) Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Gift Cards. Well, we heard you yelling "more Starlooks!" from the mountain tops, so we've decided to give you THREE (out of FIVE!) Starlooks items and 3 (out of 6-9) gift cards! That's 6 ITEMS that will now come in your Custom Starbox each month. And better yet - we'll even throw some FULL-SIZE items into the picks, on occasion! All the more reason to jump on the band wagon and "get your Starbox on", if you haven't already  ;)
• Classic Starbox our baby - is going to be SUPER cool, but some of you weren't  quite ready to accept the change, and that's totally fine with us! So...
**Update: By popular demand, we'll be keeping the current Starbox active for another 2 months. We know a lot of you are very excited to hear this news, so... you're welcome! But don't forget to make the switch over to the NEW, Classic Starbox when it premiers in August (opens for sign-up in July). It's going to be uh-mazing! - Limited Edition sets of Starlooks PRO Cosmetics for you "travel-savvy" makeup lovers, tutorials on how to apply them and create our signature looks, fashion forecasted products & colors, exclusive gift cards, and more!

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