Thursday, March 19, 2015

NEW: Custom Starbox and Classic Starbox!

Announcing the upcoming launch of our two, new and improved Subscription Boxes:  Custom Starbox and Classic Starbox!

Continue below to read all about what you can expect in May 2015!
The feedback provided by our customers and subscribers over the years, as well as through our 2014 survey, has been used to develop TWO  new and improved Starbox Subscriptions – both catering to your collective wants and needs!
We’ve partnered up with the  Fashion and  Lifestyle Industry! The new Starboxes are the perfect way to get a  first look at  new Fashion and Lifestyle brands & their new lines and products: with  subscriber-exclusive Gift Cards.... (That’s right, we’re  giving you MONEY towards products that YOU choose)!
Launches May 11 th - first delivery in June
Each month,  Custom Starbox Subscribers will be prompted to “make your picks”! You’ll choose:
• 2 (out of 4) STARLOOKS PRO Travel-Sized* Cosmetics;
• 3 (out of 6 to 9) Fashion & Lifestyle Brand Partner's Gift Cards (offering real money toward fashion items, lifestyle items, and accessories).
PLUS !!  Coming soon after, you’ll  also be given the option to “tack on” (buy)  additional fashion items, lifestyle items, and accessories (at a significantly discounted price) that Brands opt to sell exclusively to our subscribers!
Launches May 11 th – first delivery in  June
We’re proud of our baby – the current, classic Starbox.  BUT! We spruced her up a bit  ;).  Each month,  Classic Starbox Subscribers will receive:
• A  limited edition set of 3 STARLOOKS PRO Travel-Sized* Cosmetics (and a tutorial on how to apply them) that create a specific “look”.  Each month’s products & colors are carefully selected according to forecasted trends in the fashion & beauty world!
• A selection of Brand’s  gift cards (offering real money toward fashion items, lifestyle items, and accessories) that complement each month’s “look”!
 EXTRA PERKS (as if that wasn’t enough…)
We’ve heard that our current program may be too expensive for some of you! Well, no more – we’re lowering our box price!   Both the Custom & Classic Starboxes are now only $12 per month – INCLUDING SHIPPING* !! So there’s  no reason not to subscribe to at least  one of these babies! 

*International shipping will incur additional charges.
Are you “All Makeup’d Out”Swimming in full-size products that might take  years to use up?  Is the makeup bag in your purse adding like, “10 lbs.” to your tote (aka extra trips to the chiropractor)?  Well, no more – Classic & Custom Starbox items will now be  travel-sized* for ultimate convenience! We’re helping you cut down on your makeup clutter  and providing you with cosmetics that are sized specifically for “on-the-go” girls (and boys!).  You’re welcome.
*Travel-Size DOES NOT mean “sample” size. Don’t let the convenient size of our cosmetic containers fool you. The volume in each one is at least 70% of a full size item!
Thinking of subscribing to both  boxes? That would be the best decision you ever made. Why? The Custom and Classic Starboxes will  never contain the same STARLOOKS items, so subscribing to both will give you the most products and the widest variety – all for an astonishing low price! Also, the  Classic Starbox "sets"  will be limited edition collector’s items that will  never be available in Starboxes again after the month they are distributed.  If you’re not subscribed, you could miss out on some really awesome stuff!
LET’S DO THIS!  “I’m gonna make you love me”………….
On May 11th current subscribers can officially “make the switch” to the Custom Starbox and/or (NEW) Classic Starbox! New subscribers will be welcome to join at this time as well!
May will be the last delivery month for the current StarboxStay tuned and don’t miss the launch of this  revolutionary opportunity - The first subscription boxes of their kind!  BIG BARGAINS, FREE MONEY, NEW FASHIONS AND PRODUCTS THAT YOU CAN’T GET ELSEWHERE!! 

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