Monday, October 20, 2014

The Next Escape Monthly Destination is...

Hawaii, Here we Come – Escaping to the Islands for November

Autumn got you down? Are the prospects of a harsh winter in the distance? Us too. And that’s why we’ve decided to skip the snow days and enjoy one last fresh breathe of summer, Hawaii style.
We last visited the islands over a year ago, but we’re excited to take a fresh look at this enchanting destinations. Tropical beaches and incredible hiking trails, some of the most pampering body products in the world, food and drink to die for… this will be one of our most exciting Escapes ever!

A Peek Inside Hawaii’s Escape: What to Expect

Hawaii has one of the most beautiful cultures in the United States, and with 8 main islands and numerous atolls and smaller islets, it offers almost boundless adventure.
Hawaii BeachThis month, we’re excited to explore each island, hand picking the finest products we can find. With winter ahead, we’re making sure your mind, body and soul are renewed and rested so you can take on the season with serious gusto. Here’s how we’re theming this exciting box!
Love your body, Hawaiian Style: Inside this month’s Escape, you’ll discover a generous offering of the finest Hawaiian bath and body products. From luxurious eye creams to the most pampering body wash, you’ll love this spa retreat that brings you bliss!
Taste of the Islands: Hawaii has incredible flavors to offers, and now you can try them right from home! Taste the best of Hawaii!
Something to Remember: Straight from Hawaii, you’ll also receive a delightful keepsake, reminding you of your Hawaiian Escape for years to come!

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