Sunday, October 5, 2014

My First Groopdealz Order!

I made my first order on! I just had to get this pallet. It was only $16.99 and reminded me so much of the Naked 2 pallet. I don't own any of the naked pallets so I cant directly compare it, but I can say that its very pretty! I also love that it came quickly and completely intact, not a single broken or damaged shadow. 

Groopdealz has new deals everyday. The deals expire and sell out but if you check the site often enough you will notice things pop up again sometimes. That's what happened with the pallet I got, It sold out but I kept checking back and then it popped up again! 

I love checking out Groopdealz everyday, here are some new things just from today:

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  1. love your post dear!!! you have a beautiful blog!! im following !! hope to see you on my blog too! kisses!:)