Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ALOHA Free Trial

(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links)
Visit Aloha for all natural, nutrient-packed alternatives to juicing include The Foundation, a 5-pill supplement pack, and The Daily Good, a green whole food powder.

ALOHA is offering 4 free trial options, I want the one with chocolate!

  1. The FALL IMMUNITY BUNDLE includes a free trial of Daily Good Greens and The Foundation and is the most popular free trial bundle this time of year. Boost your immunity and prep your body for the colder seasons. Combine the power of superfood nutrients from Daily Good Greens with 5 nutrient-rich vegan capsules from The Foundation. Protect your immune system, boost your mood, detoxify, and keep your body hydrated! Get a free trial now!
  2. The ALOHA BUNDLE free trial includes 3 blends of whole-food powder and 3 nutrient packs. When taken together, this unique duo provides enhanced benefits by boosting natural energy, promoting healthy metabolism, and supporting overall mind-body-soul wellness.
  3. The FOUNDATION free trial includes 6 daily nutrient packs and is a precise combination of nutrients every body needs every day to reduce stress and battle toxins.
  4. The DAILY GOOD GREENS free trial refreshes your health with whole-food powder in three blends, Original Greens, Berry, and Chocolate and includes 2 packs of each blend.

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