Monday, September 22, 2014

Starlooks Starbox September 2014 FULL Spoilers!

Here Comes the Bride

This month's motto "Enhance the Natural You"
Featuring "Roseate" Lip Pencil, "Oracle" Kohl Eye Pencil, "Tan Glow" Single Eye Shadow, and Starlooks Lashes!

Welcome to the September 2014 STARBLAST!
It’s that vintage, white lace mermaid dress. That 70's, classic rock softly pumping in the background. That twinkling look from your newly-wed's or wedding date's eyes that completely affirms the reason why you two are standing there together. That indescribable blissfulness - that you once only dreamed of happening when you were a little girl - that is finally coming to fruition in front of your very eyes. It is undeniable. In this very moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be, with exactly whom you are supposed to be with.
We all know how overwhelming any big day can be! Some things have been planned literally months in advance, some things are simply out of your control. Other things miraculously fall right into place - there have to be a few of those right? But, with Starlooks there is one thing, without fail, you can always count on - having just the right products to perfectly enhance your naturally beautiful features, and look terrific for those forever special wedding photos.

This enchanting wedding season, Starlooks wants you to have it all on your special day - whenever/whatever it may be. You should feel like a star, so don’t hold back on looking like one 
Let that gorgeous face and striking smile steal the spotlight, and have your compelling look complement every ounce of happiness you feel. Here's how we did it!
To get the best performance out of your eye makeup, be sure to prep your eye with our Eye Primer. It provides the perfect, sticky texturethat shadows require for optimal pigmentation and lasting wear! We applied the "Medium" primer with the Slanted Foundation Brush featured in our 18 Piece Brush Set.
We started off our bridal look by applying the "Tan Glow" satin shadow, from the September Starbox, all over the upper lid of the eye. We used the i-Dome brush, which you'll find is the ultimate shadow applicator.
Next, we used the i-Contour Brushto apply our smokey shading. We used the matte black shade (in the outer corner), the matte brownshade (in the crease), and the white shade (under the brow) from the"New Years Eve 2014 Shadow Palette.
Now, it's time for the first round of eye liner - we used the Slanted Liner brush to apply a thin layer of the "Black Hole" Longwear Eye Liner Pot from the March 2014 Starbox.
Then, we used the "Oracle" Kohl Eye Pencil from the September 2014 Starbox to highlight the inner corner of the eye, and to fill in thelower lash line!
Now it's time to apply thosegorgeous lashes! We know this can be tricky, but don't worry - we're about to show you how!

1. Start by using the bottom of a que-tip to apply a small amount of the glue along the base of the lashes.
2. Gently rest, then push down the lashes onto your eye-lash line,starting with the outer-edge.

DO NOT touch the glue-lined base with your finger
 - instead, use the lashes themselves as your pressing tool.
Once you have the outer-edge in place, gently push down the middle,and then the inner-edge.
WAIT for it to dry for a moment...

Then apply the second layer of eye liner over top of the dried glue line.

**Remember! Lashes are re-useable! Just let them sit for 1 minute in brush cleaner or your soap of choice, brush off the old mascara with a lash comb, then rinse in warm warm water and leave to dry. 
And, of course, no eye look is complete without mascara! Our artist used Starlooks Volumizing Mascara to blend the lashes together and add some awesomevolume!
We love the "Roseate" Lip Liner so much that we like to use it alone, as a matte lipstick color by itself!
But you may decide you want toalter the shade or make it glossy! We used Starlooks Diamond Lip Gloss to create this effect.

Now, go experiment and find YOUR personal, favorite ways to use your September 2014 Starboxitems :)


  1. That looks so incredible :)

  2. Love the eye look!