Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Memeboxes: SUPERBOX #65 Korea's Most Wanted #2 and MEMEBOX SPECIAL #46 From Jeju

Jeju Island box! It looks like a luxury vacation in a box!

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Greetings from Jeju Island!Famously known as the Hawaii of Korea, Jeju Island bursts with natural beautifying ingredients such as citrus, green tea, volcanic ash, and other famous Jeju Island natives that are sure to soothe and pamper to give you the beauty vacation that you need!

Open this box, and you’ll be instantly transported to this gem of an island, and experience all the beauty benefits that Jeju-derived ingredients offer!

Once again, Memebox USA and Memebox Korea are cooking up something new and beautiful with this sister-sister collabo!

Everything from the hottest skincare staples, makeup must-haves, hair and body essentials, and other K-beauty breakthroughs, Korea’s Most Wanted 2 is bursting with beauty hall-of-famers straight from our Memebox Korea shop! You’ll get the scoop on the latest Korean beauty trends and see what’s cookin’ at Memebox Korea!

This box has a guaranteed retail value of over $100, and contains only proven winners that will make sure wonder how you lived life without it! After all, sisters always have the best makeup, right?