Friday, September 12, 2014

New Memeboxes: Banila Co. + Citrus Care

Two new Memeboxes are up!

Look to a brighter you – everyday!

Zesty citrus fruits are prime beauty-boosting ingredients in tons of beauty products, and for a good reason!

Loaded with collagen-boosting Vitamin C and skin brightening natural acids, citrus fruits are skin and body-savers that halt the signs of aging and promote supple skin!

When collagen production starts to slow down (at age 35! Tear…) and skin becomes congested and damaged from years of exposure to external aggressors and free radical damage, fundamental citrus components step up their game to stop aging and damage in its tracks! The results? You’ll have a radiant and youthful glow, and your friends will be able to spot you from miles away! Plus, the unique blend of zesty citrusy fragrances will evoke an energetic mood and lift your spirits!

High quality, high performance, beauty essentials: We’re shooting for the classics. Approved and endorsed by Korea’s top idol group member, Girls Generation’s Jessica, Banila Co. is certainly one of Korea’s top-selling, most-loved cosmetics brands!

Everything from skincare to makeup, Banila Co. is infamous for its high quality, high effectiveness, and pinchably cute packaging. So, get ready to rethink the way you beautify with this impeccably curated Banila Co. Box! Enjoy it everyday, in every way!

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