Thursday, September 25, 2014

And the Next Escape Monthly Destination Is...

London Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

From the Escape Monthly blog:
Quintessentially English, Positively Cosmopolitan: Escape to London! 

London is home to both an incredible history and a vibrant culture of modernity.
There’s Westminster Abby, Britain’s finest church and the site of royal coronations and burials since 1066. Just 7 minutes away, you can get lost at Harrods, a sprawling, million square ft megacenter, home to over 300 department stores.
This October, we’re excited to Escape to London. We’ll taste the finest foods of the English Isle, pamper ourselves like royalty, and take home a piece of iconic British culture that will last a lifetime.

Escape to London! A Peek inside this Month’s Box

London, capital to England and the United Kingdom as a whole, has been at the heart of the British Empire for ages. Often called the ‘empire on which the sun never sat’, the United Kingdom’s role in global politics has shaped much of the world today. Similarly, diverse cultures from across the world have touched England in unchangeable ways.
This month, we’re excited to capture this unique character, represented in the city of London. Let’s take a peek inside!
Tastes You Won’t Soon Forget: Packed with family recipes and local favorites, you’ll discover a delectable assortment of authentic London foods. Some people say all English food is bad – we’re certain we can convince you otherwise!
Take London Home!: This month, we have a very special addition to the box: you’ll take home a special part of London culture, captured through an iconic part of life in the city!
Treat Yourself Like Royalty: Even though London is no longer ruled by kings and queens, the royal family isn’t any less magnificent. With crown jewels, fanciful traditions, and of course, an astute focus on relaxation and me-time, we’ll take queue from London’s top beauty and health and wellness icons, adding a very special something to your Escape!


  1. I went to London last year, it was just for a couple days while I was on my way to Dubai but I got to see the most popular attractions. I just got back from Hawaii a day ago and it was awesome!