Friday, August 22, 2014

Starlooks Starbox August 2014 Unboxed

I JUST got my Starlooks Starbox. Let's unbox!

First, the theme side of the info card. This month's theme is "Doll House".

and inside...

A full size blush pallet ($46) and a liquid eye liner ($16)! These are both items I have not had a chance to try yet from Starlooks. 

The blush compact colors are not ones that I would have picked for myself but I may turn out to love them on me (like with many past Starbox items). That's part of the fun! 

A total $62 worth of high-quality makeup for about $17. Another great month from Starlooks.


  1. In my opinion, that's not a lot. I mean, technically, they did say 3-4 items each month, but they over killed it with 3 blushes. I hope they take into consideration of their survey to semi - personalize monthly boxes....

    1. That would be great to have it semi-personalized. Blushes can be very hit or miss depending on skin tone.