Saturday, August 9, 2014

Memebox Superbox #40 Pomegranate Cosmetics and Memebox Luckybox #8 Unboxed

I received both of these boxes over the last few days. I opened the Luckybox #8 and then the Pomegranate Cosmetics. At first I was let down because the Pomegranate Superbox cost me $6 more than the Lucky box ($29 vs $23) and It doesn't feel as impressive.

The box itself for the Luckybox is bigger in size and (while I LOVE the feeling whenever I lift that pink lid of a Memebox) the Pomegranate didn't WOW me as much.

But after a little while I noticed that I found a place for the pomegranate anti-wrinkle cream and sleeping pack on my nightstand, the pomegranate and collagen essence on my vanity, the Etude House pomegranate cleansing foam by my bathroom sink with the pomegranate scrub cream, and the lip balm on my desk right next to me. 

Meanwhile the luckybox products are still in the closed box on my dresser. 

So... clearly I do enjoy these pomegranate products and this was a great box for me.

I will definitely use and enjoy my Luckybox #8 products. The Luckyboxes are always a win, but I do like to have options other than just the global and luckybox offerings.

These Memeboxes are FUN and seeing those bright pink packages outside my door is always a bright spot in my week!

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