Friday, August 15, 2014

From the Lab Summer Essentials Collections 1 and 2: Beauty Explorer Boxes for July and August 2014

My subscription to From the Lab has been REALLY great so far. The subscription costs $29.95 for monthly plans (less if you have a longer subscription.) You get to discover new luxury products every month and receive a 33% store discount.

The July box was the Summer Essentials Collection and this month I got the Summer Essentials Collection 2.

First, the July box:

This box was quite heavy and full of products. Included in the collection is From the Lab's Face Primer No. 327AM/PM Cleanser No. 586 , Face Mask No. 598, and Hair Mask No. 718From the Lab also included a lip primer as an extra. Estimated Retail $225!

Since getting this box last month I have used every single product. 

The face primer is effective at getting rid of redness and evening out my complexion.

The mask is cooling and refreshing, I already used it up. I wore it to bed overnight even though that is not what the instruction packet says. Great product for summer. 

The hair mask did not have a noticeable result for me. It's great to try in a collection but there are other products I would repurchase before this one.

The AM/PM cleanser is applied with a cotton pad and "removes makeup, cleanses, tones, and treats your skin in one step while eliminating the need to rinse your face." I love products that you don't need water to use. This is a very generous sized product and a great addition to my cleanser arsenal. 

I never thought about using a lip primer before but after trying the Hydrating Lip Primer No. 629 I definitely see a difference in how my lips looked around the outline when I wear lipsticks.

Yesterday, I received the Summer Essentials Collection 2. It was another full box!

The three products included this month are for your hair, face, and body: Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724, Face Scrub No. 597and Body Serum No. 580.

This collection has an estimated retail value of $180!

I am most excited to try That HUGE body serum. All of these products look great and easy to incorporate into my beauty routine this month. The box also came with the usual info packet and this nice letter:

As if this post wasn't long enough... I wanted to add that the June box was also AMAZING. I didn't post then because none of the colors came out with my camera. 

I have been using the Lip Color Sticks No. 335, No. 336, and No. 337 often in the last 2 months and will definitely purchase more in the shop. The colors are great and long-wearing. These are great for going out (especially to restaurants). 

I have found many times that I put this on early and came home later in the day to find my lips looked great in the mirror. (It's so unusual for me not to think think my lips look bad when I get home)  I put it together that it was this product that made the difference.

That's it for my From the Lab review for now. I really enjoy getting this box because I never know if next month I will find my new favorite product!

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