Friday, July 4, 2014

Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box!

Check out the new Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday box!

Give the gift of gorgeous for any occasion this July with Memebox’s Birthday Box! Packed with only the cutest and most charming goodies, this Birthday Box will perfectly pamper your favorite gal pals from head to toe! This premium brand features only the most high-quality total spa care products that is suitable for all ages, and for a limited time, it's up for an exclusive deal only at Memebox! So, don’t miss this limited-time only chance to truly show appreciation for all the favorite women in your life!

Plus, it ships out super fast, (July 9th!) so you can see the look of delight on their face in no time!

True friends don’t let each other miss a Memebox!

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1. i belivyu All In One Hair & Body Wash 250ml Full-size ($14)An all-in-one, smart item for both hair and body use, i belivyu’s Hair & Body Wash is rich in apricot, carrot, green tea, chamomile, rosemary, centella asiatica, and gold extracts and thus highly gentle in cleansing away unnecessary impurities and effective in delivering abundant nutrients deep into your hair and skin.
HOW TO USELather the product well and gently massage the foams onto your wet hair and body. Rinse off thoroughly.
2. i belivyu Cube Sparkling Lemon Sugar Scrub 8g*7ea Full-size ($24)Cube Sparkling Sugar Scrub is a scrub for face, body, and bath that comes in the shape of real sugar cubes. The sugar grains filled with various vitamins, minerals, and baking soda work to eliminate skin waste as well as dead skin cells and blackheads clogging up the pores, leaving your skin highly moist and supple. The yellow lemon-scented scrub contains lemon oil and lemon extracts for maintaining a cleaner, naturally glowing complexion.
HOW TO USEFor Face: Take 1 cube, wet it, crush it, and gently roll it over your face. Rinse off with warm water.
For Body: Take 2~3 cubes and crush them onto a shower towel. Lather it well and massage the foam onto your body. Rinse off with warm water.
For Bath: Fill up your bathtub with enough water and drop in 4~5 cubes. Take a bath for 10~20 minutes and gently massage your body with the water. Rinse off.
3. i belivyu Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser 70g Full-size ($24)This refreshing powder-type facial cleanser works as vitamin parts burst onto your skin, with granol particles and papaine enzymes softly yet thoroughly rubbing away all skin residues and impurities. Best of macademia and olive oil are also included and deliver protection and and deep hydration to the skin.
HOW TO USETake out a dime-sized amount of the powder wash, wet it and lather it well. Gently massage your face clean and rinse off.

4. i belivyu Flower Hand Cream 30ml*4ea Full-size($36)These hand creams are enriched with vitamin E capsules, shea butter, argan oil, patented organic plant extracts and 4 different kinds of flower extracts for each color – rose extracts, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, and lavender extracts. Moisturize and nourish your dry, rough hands with these cute, easy to carry around hand creams!

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