Friday, May 16, 2014

$2.99 Limited Edition Julep Summer Beauty Box Review and Unboxing!

My Limited Edition Julep Summer Beauty Box came yesterday, I only ordered it on Tuesday so it shipped REALLY fast. There are still some available with code HELLOYOU for new subscribers! Just pay $2.99 shipping. You have to call to cancel but I think its worth it even just to try these goodies for $2.99. This Is what it comes with:

Here are the nail colors! In order as shown they are Mariska (Classic with a Twist), Kayla (Bombshell), and Raegan (Bombshell). These colors are gorgeous and perfect for summer! My favorite is Mariska (fabulous bright orange!) but they are all great. These are not dud colors thrown together to get rid of overstock. If I just wanted Mariska it would cast $14 plus tax and shipping.

After opening the beauty items I was very impressed. The lip gloss is in the color Graceful and is a very wearable pink. The Kajal Eye Glider comes two sided with both Carbon Black and Brown Shimmer liners. I even love the cute little orange nail buffers that weren't even listed as part of the $80 Value. The only thing odd was this:

This Eye Glider package is so big! Not just the length but the width is so wide for a non chubby pencil. I just thought they were different with their packaging, but when I went to throw the package away It felt like there was something still in there. I opened the other end and saw a sharpener!

I am very happy with this box. Much less boring and higher value then their typical welcome boxes. If you are interested in trying out this Limited Edition Julep Summer Beauty Box use the code HELLOYOU so it's $2.99 instead of $24.99. 


  1. This looks amazing!! would love to have this in Ireland I would so get it :)
    have a lovely weekend

    1. It's pretty great especially for the price. I still canceled since I don't like having no skip ability even if your on a trip which can happen in the summer. I'm glad I can try their makeup though.

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  4. You actually can skip Julep boxes. I did it several times when I had them. They send you an email and you only have a couple of days to change your style or choose to skip.