Monday, April 7, 2014

SquareHue The Passport Collection: AMSTERDAM

I got my SquareHue box today! The colors I received are:

Beethovenstraat (High Gloss Creme: green)

P.C. Hooftstraat (Duo chrome: purple)

Kalverstraar (High Gloss Creme: pink)

Seriously with these names? They really should have written them phonetically as well so I don't panic if someone asks me what I'm wearing on my nails. (I am so bad at name pronunciation)

This is a really interesting collection of colors. I love how they all look together as a set. I haven't tried them on yet but I'm hoping they turn out well because Rio is next month and that collection looks good too.


  1. Oh wow what gorgeous nail varnish shades! I wouldn't be able to pronounce though haha xxx