Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Review and How My Resolution is Going

Now that's it's the end of the first month of the year I wanted to check in with how my resolution to not bite my nails is going. At first it was good, I was painting my nails every night and they were growing but then I had a couple small relapses. I think it started when my nails broke and I felt like it was useless anyway since they were breaking.

 So, in February I will try again. This time I am going to try more things to make my nails stronger like nail coats and supplements. Also, I'm thinking about getting a cat because then I can pet the cat instead of biting my nails.

How are your resolutions going? Anything your going to add in February or are looking forward to? I'm looking forward to the Olympics, getting some new subscription boxes, and of course buying all the candy on sale after Valentines day :)


  1. Oh don't do it! Be stronger :)
    I've got terrible nails without even biting them. I think I'm missing calcium and it's so annoying, because I can't put polish on them right now, they are all different length and keep peeling off in layers :((


    1. I'm thinking of trying one of those hair, skin, and nails supplements.

  2. I love cats. My boyfriend has a male cat, but, well, he says that it's a lot of work!


  3. Have you tried anti-bite chilli pepper nail coats? Maybe if you read some articles about nail/hand bacteria it would scare you into stopping? haha. Just a few suggestions :p good luck trying again!

  4. Interesting choice of picture to go with this story!
    I say go with a cat - because animals reduce stress!