Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Eye Concealer I Tried This Year: Serious Skincare CC Cream Eye Correct & Conceal Beauty Treatment

This guy came in a skincare set I tried this year. Because I did not expect much from this brand as far as makeup goes, I left my Serious Skincare CC Eye Cream in my bathroom drawer for a few weeks without even opening it. Then one day I had to get up super early with little sleep on top of having a really rough night with allergy's. Basically I looked a damn mess and I had to go to work SOON!

Well, I of coarse panic an start scrambling to my drawers looking for something to help me. Then... I find this, pull it out, put in on, and... OMG I'm a normal person !

This is basically a concealer for the eyes that blends into the entire eye area. The description reads:

Your eyes tell your story. Make that story young, fresh and beautiful. This beauty treatment smoothes onto the skin around your eyes to help instantly and temporarily wipe out the appearance of lines and dark circles. Imperfections? They virtually disappear. The end. 

And I agree, giving this my pick for best eye concealer I tried this year! 

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